The Karen Blixen project is a book design job & a typographic project. The book is a photographic tale about the places in Karen Blixens life, with quotes from her as an important part of the story. I decided to add a typeface for these quotes based on the handwriting of Karen Blixen. I wanted to draw a typeface as simplified Karen Blixen handwriting with clear characteristics and features, but clean and discreet.
For the text I use North and an italic designed for this book, a Blixen flavoured North Italic in the sense of angle and alternative letters.
The book is published by Forlaget Wunderbuch. Text by Marianne Wirenfeldt Asmussen & photographs by Kurt Rodahl Hoppe.

The book was selected for Best Books in Denmark 2015 & I received »Diploma for excellent contribution to book craft in Denmark 2015« from Forening for Boghaandværk

North is available at MyFonts Buy it!